9 Haziran 2016 Perşembe

Paragliding in Tahtalı Mountain - Olympos Kemer Antalya 210 USD www.kemerholiday.info www.kemerholiday.ru

Flying like an Angel in the sky
Join us on a tandem paragliding flight with a spectacular view of the scenic mountains and the beautiful beaches of the Turkish Riviera.
No flying experience is needed. Enjoy the view and let yourself literally being carried away by one of the professional tandem pilots from Escape.

General information
·         The paragliding center is in line with European standards
·         The flight time is about 30 minutes
·         5 flights per day are scheduled. All flights are wind and weather dependent
·         Please book your flight early and keep in mind that your flight is weather dependent
·         Almost anyone can be a tandem passenger from the age of 5 years
·         All guests are insured during the tandem flight. Escape is insured by one of the most prestigious insurance company in Turkey, namely ANADOLU SIGORTA.  
·         Escape is a very experienced operator with over 55000 tandems flown!

·         Escape pilots are highly experienced. They have more than 6 years of experience as tandem pilots and a minimum of 3000 hours of flight time.
·         The pilots of Escape have at least one of the following licenses: ‘’USHPA America Paragliding Org’’, “DHV Deutscher Hängegleiterverband E.V.” and “THK Turkey Paragliding Org”
·         Special equipment for kids are available
·         Escape is the official distributor of paragliding equipment in Turkey. The company sells its equipment world wide
·         Equipment is purchased from Germany. It is tested by DHV Deutscher Hängegleiterverband E.V . The paragliding equipment is regularly checked and renewed after 300 hours of flight
·          Escape tandem paragliding has an excellent safety record; 55.000 safe flights
·         Escape services are controlled by  the “ISO 9001 Quality Management System”

Choose your tandem flights
·         A rather smooth flight, or an acrobatic flight for the more adventurous
·         Flights in the morning and during sunset offer the best moments for unforgettable pictures
·         Flights during lunch time offers often longer flight time due to the warm air
·         Fly side by side with your partner or family / groups!
·         Enjoy a birthday or a wedding celebration in the air with a cake and champagne
·         You can take along flags
·         Professional recording of your flight on DVD format can be done

·         Olympos is the most suitable place of the World for tandem flights.
·         Olympos is the sunniest place of the world for paragliding.
·         47.000 people have flown with Escape team without significant injuries.
·         Escape is the official organizator of “the World Paragliding Championship" and "Artistic Flight Games".
·         Escape, as a travel agency holding a “Group A” travel agency certification is operating under the supervision of TURSAB (the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).

·         Escape is a holder of "License Certificate for Touristic Sports Activities” which is issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkey.

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